A new beginning

Starting 2012 I will make a return to blogging.

Not that my previous blogging career – which lasted from 2007 to 2009 – was filled with especially insightful posts nor was my departure from it controversial (as other people‘s departure from blogs has been).

In the meantime I was actually working – cofounding the Swiss Groupon Clone DeinDeal.ch which we recently sold to Ringier, the largest Swiss Publishing company. I was the Head of Online Marketing, and if you live in Switzerland you’ve probably seen our ads all over Facebook and other Websites: that is – at least partially – my work.

I’ve since left the firm and spent some time volunteering in Guatemala – a great experience I will post more about soon.

So now I have time on my hands and I am trying to figure out what my passion is so that I can build more value. At this point I am not really sure, as there are so many opportunities and I’m working on finding the one that I can be really passionate about and with that with my skillset and persona I  can really create value.

So what can you expect from this blog?

I will post some interesting lessons learned from my previous occupations and also bring to paper some thoughts/concepts I’ve been having over the last few months as I’ve had more time to read many interesting books/blog posts as well as think about myself, the environment we are in, startup ideas, marketing concepts, business and life in general. There is a power to writing things down, that makes you think clearer and gives depth to ideas and concepts. So I’m using this to clarify my own thoughts as much as I want to share the information here.

I hope to be able to have some insights for some of you and wish all of you all the best for 2012!

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